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Founded 110 years ago, Williams today operates approximately 33,000 miles of natural gas pipelines across the U.S., touching nearly 30 percent of the nation’s natural gas. In Texas alone, the company employs more than 1,000 Texans and operates more than $6.5 billion in energy assets. This includes about 1,300 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline, as well as 365 miles of gathering pipelines and six compressor facilities operating in the Permian Basin.

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Williams in Texas

Texas tops many rankings, including as the leading natural gas producer in the nation. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Williams, one of North America’s largest operators of natural gas pipelines, has deep roots in the Lone Star State. From the Barnett Shale to Eagle Ford to the Permian Basin and beyond, the company is known for its infrastructure, proven performance, integrity and a heart as big as Texas itself.

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A good partner. A good operator. A good neighbor.

Williams’ interstate gas pipeline and gathering & processing operations span the United States, including strategic assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Seaboard.

Williams is committed to balancing our nation’s energy needs with concerns for environmental impact, national security and cost-effective fuel choices. Our safe and reliable operations allow U.S. consumers to enjoy clean, affordable fuel for their homes and businesses independently from foreign nations.

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New York Stock Exchange

16 Billion Cubic Feet

daily natural gas capacity

$1.4 million

donated to Texas charities in 2017


methane emissions reduced over the past five years


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24 states

with Williams safely operated natural gas pipelines

America’s most admired energy company

2015 Forbes

87 electric generation plants

Williams directly supplies natural gas to

151 billion cubic feet of natural gas

delivered by Williams to customers in Texas in 2017

The Permian Basin

All of Texas’ active shale plays have an important role in America’s ability to be energy independent. The Permian Basin, however, is a lynch pin in providing supply to demand in the foreseeable future. Stretching approximately 250 miles wide by 300 miles long that cover dozens of counties in Texas and New Mexico, the Permian produces a whopping 6.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day, plus 1.9 million barrels of oil per day. One-third of the output from Permian wells is natural gas.

Permian By The Numbers

75,000+ Square Miles

Produces 6.6 Billion Cubic Feet of Gas per Day

Produces 1.9 Million Barrels of Oil per Day

1/3 of Daily Output is Natural Gas

``Thirty percent of the Texas economy is somehow linked to the Texas energy industry. When the energy sector thrives, Texas thrives. The Texas energy tax base pumps $26 million a day into the Texas economy funding things like public education, roads, and healthcare.``

- Christi Craddick, Texas Railroad Commissioner

As the nation’s largest source of oil and natural gas, the Permian Basin is the reason the U.S. is projected to become the global energy leader before the end of the decade. Activity in the Permian Basin is an economic engine for our country, sustaining more than 440,000 jobs, generating $113.6 billion in economic impact, and contributing more than $60.2 billion to the State of Texas.

Energy analysts predict that Permian oil production will nearly triple to 5.3 million barrels a day from 2017 to 2020. But this can only happen if the infrastructure to transport natural gas – a byproduct of oil drilling – keeps up with the demand. Insufficient natural gas pipelines are hampering the nation’s journey to energy independence, forcing producers to flare associated natural gas or cap wells. Currently, there simply are not enough pipelines to get the fuel to market to meet the safe, abundant and cost-effective demands of consumers.

Permian Basin Oil Production


IN 2017



Preparing for the Future

The Path Forward

Simply put, Williams is in the business of aggregating the best natural gas supplies and connecting them to the best and most dynamic growing markets.

Until more natural gas pipeline capacity is constructed, the amount of oil that can be produced from the Permian Basin will be limited. Williams is uniquely positioned to offer an innovative solution to connect West Texas natural gas production with gas-hungry markets located all along the upper Gulf Coast.

Williams is developing a major intrastate transmission pipeline project known as Bluebonnet Market Express (BMX) designed to funnel approximately 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Permian to points along the Gulf Coast, creating a gateway that connects Permian producers with growing domestic and international natural gas markets. This includes access to the nation’s largest-volume pipeline system – Williams’ Transco pipeline – providing direct access to robust commercial, industrial, power generation and LNG export terminals located throughout the Gulf Coast.

A Lasting Commitment

As we look to expand our presence in Texas, and specifically in the Permian Basin, we will continue to explore ways of bringing real value to the state’s and the nation’s economy.  As importantly, we will continue to develop our diverse footprint safely, deliberately and with an eye to respectfully serving the communities we touch.  Our commitment to the safety of the public, the environment and our employees impacts every decision we make as a company.

Williams understands that “as goes Texas, so does the nation.”  The people and resources of the Lone Star State are critically important to our country’s energy independence.  As a strong, stable, fair and vested partner, we are proud of what we can and will accomplish together in the years to come.


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